Mount Cattlin WA

The Mt Cattlin Project is located along the boundary of the Ravensthorpe Terrane, which forms part of the Archaean Ravensthorpe greenstone belt, which lies along the boundary between the Youanmi and Southwest regional terranes of the Yilgarn Craton.

Figure 1 – Mount Cattlin tenements and geological setting

The Mt Cattlin Project is considered prospective for hard rock lepidolite and spodumene mineralisation based primarily on geological and structural analogues drawn from Galaxy’s Mt Cattlin Lithium deposit located approximately 10km to the south.

The 37 km2 project area is under explored, and there is no record of previous lithium focused exploration in the project area. The application area lies on the boundary of the favourable Ravensthorpe greenstone belt and GSWA mapping indicates that structurally controlled lithium hosted pegmatites are widespread throughout the area.