The NAWA project comprises three tenements, EL 5116 (923 Kms2), ELA 2012/00119 (922 Kms2) and ELA 2012/00120 (848 Kms2.) that are centred 150Kms west of Coober Pedy and 100Kms north of the Challenger gold mine (Figure 1).

Figure 1 – NAWA project location

Figure 2 – Geological setting and previous drill holes

The NAWA Domain lies in the north west of the Gawler Craton and covers an area of approximately 93,000 km². Previous exploration focussed on the overlying cover sequences targeting oil, gas, coal and sedimentary hosted mineral deposits. There are three drill holes in the project area that intersected basement rocks as shown in Figure 2.

The western holes intersected the Achaean  Mulgathing Complex which hosts the Challenger gold mine.  The hole on EL5116 intersected what is interpreted to be the Mount Woods complex – host to the Prominent Hill and Cairn Hill IOCG deposits. Figure 2 demonstrates that the Hiltaba Suite, which is associated with major mineralising events, including Olympic Dam, is alsoprominent in the project area. Although very little is known about the area, previous exploration indicates that the basement rocks are within reach and that the project area is prospective for IOCG, BIF and gold deposits.

As a first pass, WEX has focussed its attention on a coincident magnetic/gravity target in the vicinity of drill hole CR9214 in the south east of EL 5116 as shown in Figure 3. This modelling indicates that two large dense magnetic sources cause this anomaly and they warrant further investigation given that the nearby drill hole was terminated in metamorphosed sediments of the Mount Woods Complex (Figure 4).

Figure 3 –coincident magnetic (left) and gravity (right) anomaly on EL 5116

Figure 4 – results of WEX modelling. Green: magnetic susceptibility; Orange: density contrast; Yellow: BHP RC hole